Young Dumb and Living Off Mum – Season 3 Episode 2

Young Dumb and Living Off Mum – Season 3 Episode 2

A group of eight 18 to 20-year-olds who have been waited on hand and foot all their whole lives are thrust into the adult world of responsibility. They must live together in a house and fend for themselves, live on a basic weekly budget and take part in tough work challenges.

Their parents watch exactly what their kids have been up to, and the one they judge the most useless is sent packing. Ultimately only one will win the prize of a round-the-world trip, as well as earning their parents’ pride.

With just seven of the group remaining, Ryan faces his worst nightmare when the work-shy bunch are given the gruesome job of a night shift at a fish market. The experience of life without his parents proves too much for Enzo and war breaks out over a cleaning rota.


  1. Can we maybe just get the money they’re gonna spend on all this partying and clothes and whatever and give it to broke college students who have to stop their hard work and education because they can’t afford it?

  2. Let’s give a group of morons who have everything on a silver platter the opputunity to go around the world–everything wrong with the modern world in a nutshell.

  3. These kids are so stupid and useless they need to be aborted and dont say it’s to late it’s never to late

  4. hilariously dumb hahha couldn’t believe that they are over 18 and how stupid they are ok it’s mostly parents fault that they don’t know how to live life not stupid part

  5. They should stick one person in there who actually knows what they’re doing to lead and set an example but not actually do their stuff for them

  6. I would rather see these spoiled folks match up with well adjusted hard workers. Perhaps folks that have come from poor to middle income circumstances that have made the best of their situation and have grown from it. Seeing folks progress and learn from their entitled lifestyle would be much more heartwarming than seeing spoiled people do spoiled things…

  7. I must say it’s unfair on the staff, I mean I’m all for giving people a chance but they need experience in a fast paced environment.

  8. Omg , I know how adult when I was 12 . I knew how because my mother was a great teacher .
    I have a lot medical problems and was don’t told I will never live alone . I am 33 married and have lived alone since I was 18 . shame on these kids .

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