Top 60 EDM Sub-Genres (+examples)

Top 60 EDM Sub-Genres (+examples)

60 EDM Genres yasssss Here you will find examples for genres of electronic music as Psy-trance, trance, Hardcore, Trap, Drum & Bass, Hardstyle, House, Future House, Moombahton, minimal techno, techno, music for cutting shapes, Speedcore, Extratone, some types of dubstep as metalstep… hope you like this video was funny to edit hahaha



  1. So "1788-L x TYNAN – ABYSS" and "Daft Punk – Rinzler ( 1 7 8 8 – L / R E M I X )" that’s a hardcore? or which genre it is?

  2. I’m glad this video exists to help me identify which kind of EDM the songs are, though I’m afraid I can’t remember the differences accurately.

    My favorites are Tropical House, Trance, Future Bass & Hardstyle.

  3. My Top 10

    1. Most trance sub genres
    2. J-Core/UK Hardcore
    3. Classic Progressive House
    4. Hardstyle/Jumpstyle
    5. Eurobeat
    6. Glitch Hop
    7. Chiptune
    8. Drumstep
    9. Melodic Dubstep
    10. Ambient

  4. Es curioso que pongas en el #1 el Hardcore y no menciones:

    ACIDCORE (Muy distinto al hardcore que has puesto de ejemplo, más mainstream)

    Esto es literalmente lo que lleva sonando en las raves desde hace 20 años y en tu lista no aparece ni uno solo… es tan underground?

    Buen vídeo de todas formas!

  5. Is it me or is the last one (hardcore) just trash made by someone with no talent for music at all. Like, I know that every one has a different taste but think about it, after the drop there is like no melody at all AND YES THAT IS ALWAYS SUPPOSED TO BE IN MUSIC. The fact that they call it hardcore is just masking that it is only some loud sounds and nothing you would need talent for to make…

  6. Don’t you think sasha, John Digweed or lemon8 should have been in place of Deadmau5? I mean deadmau5 is a legendary producer no doubt.

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