Top 10 Weirdest Reality TV Shows

Top 10 Weirdest Reality TV Shows

The scariest thing is that these people are all real. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 weirdest reality shows.

For this list, we’re looking at television shows that either purposely focus on weird subject matter or are inadvertently odd shows to watch. However, we’re excluding reality series that feature dramatic re-enactments like “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.”

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  1. Naked and afraid as number one?!? Am I the only one that think this program is pretty logical? A extreme survival program that push it as far as possible. It´s pretty natural becouse that´s what our our ancestors did everyday and what some tribes still does right now. It´s hard to survive in these extreme enviroment as it is. And it i makes it so much harder without clothes. Mosquitoes, the sun, the cold
    sharp items and so on…

  2. I never watched that show but I rather like Rob Van Winkle aka “Vanilla Ice” just something about him that makes him real and likable to me…I think he’s gotten a “bad rap” (sorry lol) I just like him, he just seems very personable to me, he doesn’t have a lot of ego IMO

  3. Does anybody remember the episode of Flav where they all are meeting him for the first time at the door and one girl suddenly dipped down to the floor, and they start smelling something weird. It turns out one girl had accidentally pooped herself. It went all the way from the entrance, up the stairs, and up to the bathroom. So cringy! I mean, girl, wear some underwear at least.

  4. What about Channel 4 shows called "Something for the weekend." Or "The word." I saw someone drinking their own vomit in that show. 🙅🏻‍♂️

  5. About the “Big fat American gypsy wedding”, My family is part Roma, and our weddings don’t even look like that!

  6. There’s a really ridiculous one called Dr Pimple Popper. Gross concept! I heard about it on an advertisement I wonder how many brainless people are interested in that?Ugh!

  7. why is the us version of big fat gypsy wedding any weirder than the uk one ?? also in the uk we had a show like naked dating called naked attraction where you had to pick someone based on their genitals.. that was weird

  8. Im wondering if in the US, UK or any country they show the whole naked body without censoring it? Bc here in the netherlands you can see everything

  9. You know I actually like naked and afraid, I mean it’s a stupid ass idea but it’s interesting. #5 though that’s just disturbing.

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