Top 10 Music Genres That Died Out

Top 10 Music Genres That Died Out


Some genres stand the test of time, these on the other hand….Welcome to Join us today as we take a look at our picks for the top 10 Music Genres that Died out. Whether it was New Wave, Disco, Brostep, Crunk, Emo, Nu-Metal, Ska, Hair Metal or Acid Jazz, something about these musical styles just never really stuck. Do you think we got them all? Let us know in the comments!

00:50 #10:Third Wave Ska
01:56 #9: Emo
02:58 #8: Crunk
04:01 #7: Dubstep / Brostep
05:09 #6: Hair Metal
06:16 #5: Britpop
07:24 #4: New Wave
08:27 #3, #2 & #1: ????

Special thanks to our user liam_schell for suggesting this idea, check out the voting page at

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  1. I hope someone brings back Nu metal and grunge back to everyones attention
    modern music is just temporary insanity, people will get over it.

  2. I just realized something funny, every one of these genres, though hatred, had one band considered really, really good.

    Disco: Beegees
    Grunge: Nirvana
    New Wave: Depeche Mode
    Emo: My Chemical Romance
    Ska: No Doubt
    Brit Pop: Oasis
    Nu Metal: Linkin Park
    Hair Metal: Guns N Roses
    Dubstep: Skrillex

    Wait, what am I… oh, Crunk.
    That really did just suck.

  3. Couldn’t this just apply to every genre that was popular in the past though? Name one distinct, specific genre which was popular 20 years ago which is still within its heyday and hasn’t therefore ‘died’.

  4. I used to love Bitter Sweet Symphony by the Verve.

    You say that genre died out? In my opinion it was a little experimental, and I don’t think that ever will die out.

  5. I wonder if people realize that most of these comments are about how Nu metal and Grunge and dubstep are not dead.
    This proves that they’re not dead.

  6. Watch mojo , i agree with your video 100% great job on this. I hated to see grunge go but to me it died with nirvana , and i loved nirvana. The other genres you named as dead yup youre right , good rid of em. And you should have had that clown core crap in there with the dead , don’t worry I’ll consider it crunk and toss it in the same grave along with all that fake ska

  7. Nu metal can never die
    It’s one of the best genres out there.
    People only think it’s dead because modern music took over and ruined music for people who loved nu metal or the older genres

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  9. 10 – Nope. Never heard of it. 9 – That was a music genre?
    8 – Never heard of it. 7 – I thought dubstep was something completely different.
    6 – Ah, one I finally recognize! The music was good, but they really could have done without some of the crazy clothes and excessive use of hairspray.
    5 – Never heard of it. 4 – I had forgotten about this one.
    3 – Nu Metal wasn’t bad. There were some bad ass songs that came out of that one.
    2 – Grunge didn’t last long enough. We only got a few greats come out of it.
    1 – Thank god it’s over. A lot of great songs that have become classics.

  10. i lost interest at 10 when the narrator insinuates that when America heard Ska that’s when it became mainstream. Goes to show where this mentality is

  11. This list means that Glam rock  David Bowie,,Mott the Hoople, Sweet, Slade, Elton John, TRex, Roxy Music, Gary Glitte, Alice Cooper, Lou Reed and Kiss which morphed into Hair Metal never died.

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