1. 10 westerns Django unchained
    9 musicals la la land
    8 action mad max fury road
    7 bio pics spotlight
    6 comedy top five
    5 suspense 10 cloverfield lane
    4 fantasy star wars the force awakens
    3 drama the promise
    2 animation how to train your dragon 2
    1 Sci Fi sorce code.

  2. 10. Horror
    9. Thrillers
    8. Musicals
    7. Action
    6. Animations
    5. Bio Pics
    4. Comedy
    3. Drama
    2. Fantasy
    1. Science Fiction

  3. Top 10 Film Genres

    10. Musical (La La Land)
    9. Comedy (only comedies made in 1900-1999, like Ferris Buller)
    8. Drama/Biopic (Argo, Kings Speech)
    7. Thriller (In The Line Of Fire, The Usual Suspects)
    6. Sci-Fi (Back to the Future, Doctor Who, Blade Runner)
    5. Action and Adventure (Die Hard, Indiana Jones)
    4. Mystery (Vertigo, North by Northwest)
    3. Crime (Once Upon a Time in America)
    2. Spy Movies (Bond, Bourne, Mission Impossible, Kingsman)
    1. Film-Noir (Chinatown)

    I’m 13 and some of my favorite movies are American Graffiti, Titanic, At World’s End (Pirates of the Caribbean), Chinatown, North by Northwest.

  4. 1) War-M*A*S*H
    2) Black Comedy-Little Murders
    3) Crime-The French Connection
    4) Thriller-Vertigo
    5) Western-McCabe And Mrs. Miller

  5. 10)Comedy – Dr Strangelove
    9)War – Saving Private Ryan
    8)Action – Raiders of the Lost Ark
    7)Bio Pics – Goodfellas
    6)Mystery – Se7en/Chinatown
    5)Thriller/Suspense – Psycho
    4)Psychological Thriller – The Shining
    3)Sci -Fi – Blade Runner
    2)Drama – The Shawshank Redemption
    1)Gangster/Crime Movies – The Godfather Part II

  6. My favorite movie genre is "psychological". You didn’t mentioned in your video but I think that you should give at least a HM.
    Still I liked your list and I would ask you to do a top 10 psychological movies list please.
    Sorry for my English!

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