Top 10 Most Annoying Reality TV Stars

Top 10 Most Annoying Reality TV Stars

Top 10 Most Annoying Reality TV Stars

They’re enough to make you want to throw your TV out of the window. For this list, we’re counting down the most annoying, infuriating and frustrating contestants ever to appear on British reality TV. For various reasons, these reality stars have left a lasting impression on their audiences – just not a good one!

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#10. Spencer Matthews
#9. Chantelle Houghton
#8. Chloe Ferry
#7. Kim Woodburn
#6. Joey Essex
#5. Rylan Clark-Neal
#4. Nikki Grahame
#3, #2, #1: ???


  1. Honey G just goes to show that xfactor is fixed … She only reached the final because she brought in the views and not because she has talent

  2. Out of everybody you have shown Rylan Clark Neal at least he has some sort of Talent. I may not agree with Katie Hopkins says but we all need a pantomime villain in our lifes someone to fill the paper with on a slow news day. The others I just put on an deserted island in the middle of nowhere and left to get on with it. Andy Warhol once said everybody will be world will be famous for 15 minutes. I am sure that there time has run out. I am sure there is many more you could add to the list for the deserted Island.

  3. WHY is Nikki Grahame on this list? She is the BEST reality star of all time and all countries. I’m absolutely disgraced and have unsubscribed. This video should be removed… I do agree that Hopkins is a bag though…

  4. I’ve never seen Katie Hopkins with short hair until I watched the top reasons why people hate her video earlier today and all I can say is she looks about 60 plus like that xxx

  5. Why did I click on this video? My life is ruined now, there should have been warnings to steer people away, now that I know who Honey G is suicide is my only option. Goodbye cruel world

  6. Thank you for not putting Jedward in,most people just loop Ireland into Britain. Ignoring the fact they are completely different nation’s

  7. I fucking love Joey Essex, he’s such a nice guy (maybe slightly daft). can’t stand Gemma Collins, nothing against her personally, she may actually be nice in "real life"

  8. Rylan is so godly irritating. He’s not funny, and his god awful impressons. Plus he gets on my nerves on This Morning. Totally agree with Genma Collins and Katie Hopkins too

  9. I thought that Katie Hopkins should have won Celebrity Big Brother. I don’t share her views at all, her beliefs are actually polar opposite to my beliefs. Katie Price didn’t have to endure Perez as long as the others did and Katie Hopkins was actually quite funny and likeable at times.

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