Top 10 Horror Movies on Netflix | Best Movies on Netflix Right Now | Flick Connection

Top 10 Horror Movies on Netflix | Best Movies on Netflix Right Now | Flick Connection

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— Top 10 Horror Movies on Netflix —

10. The Monster
9. The Boy
8. Mara
7. The House on Willow Street
6. The Lodgers
5. I Know What You Did Last Summer
4. Hush
3. Apostle
2. Dusk Till Dawn
1. The Autopsy of Jane Doe

More Netflix Horror Movies (not all are still available)

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  1. Ok so at first I’m thinking shiiiiit that’s freaky why isn’t he getting a bit weirded out by all this shit but then I sussed out probably a bit later than I thought I would that you we’re fucking about you nob head lol 😆

  2. Sorry. Can’t watch Hush. I have a deaf relative and worked as an interpreter for 26 years. I think it’s appalling that they hired a hearing actress to play a deaf role when there are thousands of gifted deaf actors out there. It is literally the cultural equivalent of a white woman wearing black face. Oh, also, if you know anything about deaf people or ASL, hearing actors always SUCK.

    Off my soapbox now—loved the rest of the list. I’m couch-riding with a cold. I’ll binge on some of your recommendations.

  3. Darren great update on the show format. The video is a little out of sync, audio is a few frames early. Just letting you know, keep up the awesome videos.

  4. *FANS ONLY*
    Best horror films streaming Netflix as of now … IMO and IMDb…
    10. Green room
    9. Beyond the Gates
    8. My bloody valentine
    7. Aftershock
    6. As above so below
    5. Tusk
    4. The boy
    3. Bird Box
    2. The sixth sense
    1. The conjuring

    Honorable mentions: “Scream 4”, “2006 the Texas chain saw massacre”, and “piranhas”

    (I would recommend every movie on this list before “the house on willow street”).

    Made this list in 5 minutes after going through my Netflix list, have seen all of these films multiple times .. can explain synopsis’s and backstory/history of each film in great detail.. *hire me flick connection!!* 😂🤦‍♂️

  5. A great list and I was actually creeped out by all the scary stuff going on!! Well done and thanks for your vids!!!

  6. I love the way you made this video to look like you were being haunted. Very creative and awesome, this was the best list video I have seen.

  7. RECOMMENDATION: Off topic a bit but check out two amazing S Korean movies starring awesome actors (you may be familiar with) on Hulu: The Chaser (serial killer movie) and I Saw The Devil.

  8. Netflix sucks, these are the same horror movies that have been on Netflix for years, they never add new ones, even YouTube has better horror movies than Netflix.

  9. Thanks for creeping me out, lol. How did you make those sounds designs, that was cool. I seen them all except the Lodgers and autopsy of Jane Doe. Ill watch them tonight and let you know what i think of them. ~Ryan~ later. D.V.Damme

  10. love the editing! .. was anyone else expecting Blair Witch as number one? just cuz of the hand held cam theme of the video.

  11. Are you referring to "The Monster of Magatiti" when you say "The Monster"? Cuz that’s the only movie I see that is somewhat close to what you’re saying.

  12. I’ve watched 7 out of the 10 you mentioned couldn’t agree more with your review looking forward to watching the 3 I haven’t seen yet. Love how you changed up video too.

  13. Loved this and great recommendations seen them all already unfortunately 😩lol. Nice job on the twist of this review lol👌🏼 loved it!

  14. Thanks for the lists and recommendations, this channel has a love for good Cinema and much better taste than my dumb ass friends and their suggestions. Maybe you should do something on the new Netflix original series "Between"…. I cauldnt make it through to the end of the first episode it’s so bad. You must check it out if you haven’t already. The acting is so bad, like Netflix hired a bunch of sociopaths without the ability to show or even fake emotion. The acting, direction, and writing is so bad I somehow wanna keep watching to see if this is really this bad or some sort of joke. Check it out for yourself people.

  15. Many thanks D. V. D., I watched The Monster last night and was blown away by it. The performances by the 2 leads, the mother and daughter, were were near perfect in capturing something so very real and credible when it came to expressing the near ruination their relationship and bond faced, really gut wrenching and well observed. The Monster itself was very intriguing. When it came to how much was revealed of it throughout, the direction was just right, creepy, disturbing and tantalising. I was reminded specifically of the Xenomorph and also of the character Newt from Aliens. It was in the opening lines spoken by the daughter about the nature of the existence of monsters that made me recall Newt’s line about her being told there was no such things as monsters by her parents only for her to come to witness the terrifying reality that was – the dreaded Xenomorph’s. I don’t know if the filmmakers behind The Monster were riffing on this element form Cameron’s classic or if it’s just me seeing it in there for myself but… Well, nonetheless, a great film, deftly made (with all the usual horror clichés and motifs in full effect but done so with great care, flair and effective economy) and with just the right emotional wallop to it. Again, thanks for the heads up 😉

  16. The Autopsy of Jane Doe, can confirm, good stuff. "Hereditary" better be on or at the top of your Prime Video current horror movie list.

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