Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Reality TV Shows

Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Reality TV Shows

Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Reality TV Shows

Duck Dynasty, Sister Wives, Naked and Afraid, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Bad Girls Club, Teen mom, The Real Housewives franchise…they may be guilty pleasure shows but we love to watch them anyways. Why? We’re not exactly sure but we can’t deny their hold on viewers.

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  1. I have never watched a single episode of The Bachelorette or the Bachelor and I don’t want to watch a episode of them and people judge me 😑 soooo Am I the only one?

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  3. Some of the girls on bad girls club wasnt allowed to leave. Nikky from season 10 had to have her mom call the police because they refused to let her leave. Kristen from season 5 wasn’t allowed to leave either.

  4. Nothing annoys me more than duck dynasty because at the height of it’s popularity I was in 8th grade and the teacher in charge of planning our end of the year very first formal dance was a huge fan so our theme was ducking in to hollywood they face out beards as party favors 😑

  5. I have never watched number 1 but i do know it’s popular. Plus, it’s a waist of time watching it because most of the drama can be seen and read in trashy mags while waiting in a grocery store lineup.

    Number 1 for me is Big Brother.

  6. Hmmm… I know they were formulaic (aren’t most of them?). But maybe "My Sweet 16" and Millionaire Matchmaker? Both are sort-of entertaining train-wreck shows.

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  8. Teen Mom is the dumbest f***ing show ever made!!!!!
    Scratch that keeping up with the Kardashians is the worst!!!!!

  9. For me Storage Wars: Canada is my biggest guilty pleasure. And no, I don’t live anywhere near Canada, I just like the characters in that show more than the other Storage Wars

  10. Shows that recount medical stories and do dramatic recreations (such as untold stories of the E.R. and I didn’t know I was pregnant) are my jam. And animal planet stuff like the zoo, too cute, the incredible dr pol

  11. The bachelor doesn’t work because it’s a one-sided courtship. The dude has reason to believe that he could do anything and she’ll still want him. Yeah, well that not going to work IRL

  12. They actually can be kicked out of the Bad Girls Club house. And it happens many times each season. Clearly you don’t watch it.

  13. Am I the only one who can’t stand Dance Moms? I don’t understand why people like it. I just can’t stand adorable and talented kids being yelled at like that.

  14. The real treasure in dance moms is watching the girls dance. And maddie isn’t the only good thing to come out of dance mom. I’m annoyed by that description.

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