Top 10 Failed Reality TV Shows

Top 10 Failed Reality TV Shows

Top 10 Failed Reality TV Shows

Love them or hate them, some reality TV shows are massively popular – from TOWIE to “Love Island”. But some shows just never took off, for a variety of reasons. For this list, we’re looking at the strangest, stupidest, most surreal, unexpected and (most importantly) unpopular reality TV shows that the UK has ever seen.

#10: “Dapper Laughs: On the Pull” (2014)
#9: “CelebAir” (2008)
#8: “Playing It Straight” (2005; 2012)
#7: “Totally Scott-Lee” (2005)
#6: “There’s Something About Miriam” (2004)
#5: “Eden” (2016-17)
#4: “Space Cadets” (2005)
#3, #2, #1: ???

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  1. Paris Hilton’s show was just for fun. She wasn’t actually looking for a friend, you dumb idiots. And it was a very successful show with many spinoffs.

  2. Shattered seems to have been solely done so they could say that this was a show where, literally, you snooze, you lose. Must have seemed hilarious when pitched.

  3. I watched Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend shes nobody’s friend you wouldn’t treat your friends the way she treated them

  4. Although I’m not as into reality TV as I used to be, I loved CelebAir and Totally Scott-Lee as I am a big fan of Steps, especially Lisa.

  5. I quite like Shattered. It had a purpose unlike Big Brother that ( in its later years) has become about watching morons infight. Okay it wasn’t exactly riveting but I’d prefer to watch that than Love Island.

  6. 10 popstars the rivals 00s just clumsy 9 soap stars 00s wth 8 the voice 10s dull 7 celeb air 00s crt 6 the club 00s weird 5 htrswrb 00s scfi 4 lslrs 00s crt 3 sam 00s cri 2 ds 90s cri 1 phrs 00s so funny😣

  7. He was actually very beautiful, but if her penis is bigger then mine. Ya, probably would of went crazy if ‘something’ happened on are date.

  8. I feel Eden was a good concept executed badly. In the world of ever growing technology and stuff you do find a lot of people who crave to go back to living of the grid and away from society. I think if they left it a few years and then returned in a different way it could be better

  9. Britain do have some worse Reality shows even at least half is better then watching the Kardashian’s on the tv still! 😀

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