The secret to getting on a reality TV show with Survivor Casting Director Lynne Spillman

The secret to getting on a reality TV show with Survivor Casting Director Lynne Spillman

Lynne Spillman, casting director for Survivor and The Amazing Race fields questions on how to get noticed, the top do’s and don’ts, and why she’s looking for “young people with life experience.”



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  2. this farmer will win jimmy k boston on youtube at 57 strong 17 years applying and he will win !!!!!! very social and can sell.

  3. Great, informative video, Parv. Working on it…. have never missed a season, just re-watching all of them and will see y’all on video soon. Older than most survivors, but still playing video games, still interested in everything under the sun and NEVER growing up!

  4. a am young but I feel like that i would do really well because I am a very convincing and I good win physical challenges

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  6. I’m 18, I work in a grocery store, have had some struggles in my life, I want to apply, but I feel like imma get so awkward during the casting process. ugh

  7. i figure Parvati is ESTP in the mbti personality sys, and she kind of charms her way through….everything (casting director ESTJ)

  8. casting should look for this guy the real deal the farmer from boston jimmy k survivor on youtube now!!! 18 years applying ..

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  12. I think I apply every few months, during casting, not doing casting, and I’m just not sure if I’m doing the most but I love this show so much. I think i’ll apply until I die. One huge reason why I love this show, age isn’t a major factor.


  14. Lynne Spillman’s sold her soul haha. Good on ya Parvati for mentioning don’t manipulate and backstab your friends in real life! Thanks for the video, really interesting to see this side of things 🙂

  15. check this farmer out jimmy k survivor boston on you tube now the real deal the farmer from boston 17 years applying 57 years old young strong witty powerful vocal ddriven cast this new member whoa wow casting the real farmer….

  16. Does anyone know if they allow you to bring / take prescribed medications while on the show? I am being treated for Lyme disease and take quite a few meds, but have wanted FOR YEARS to apply….my family doesn’t think I can do it and I want to prove them wrong!

  17. Honestly, the biggest criteria that will probably help you the most above all others is being conventionally attractive, or at least, not unattractive. Reality TV is still TV and it seems like MOST of the time (but not always) they’re going to want pretty/thin people who are good to look at while you watch.

  18. I might be want to be part of one of the seasons, maybe when I’m at least 18 to my early 20s, but I have a question.
    If u had a job, how would u inform them about this. If, u were accepted to be part of the cast?

  19. I’m honestly waiting for the day when Parvati takes Jeff’s place as host. Parvati is 100% the best Survivor player by a landslide. She would have won Heroes vs Villains if it weren’t for the bitter jury. T_T

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