The Evolution Of Popular Music By Year (1890-2009) (USA) (Source: Musicoutfitters, others)

The Evolution Of Popular Music By Year (1890-2009) (USA) (Source: Musicoutfitters, others)


A complete LIST OF THE SONGS by year is available in this link. You can also see some analysis and conclusions drawn there:

This video is intended to give a very light overview of the popular music hits, by year, in the USA, as recorded throughout history.

Very few effects of time travel are known, but one of them includes the sensation that the tracks are getting shorter and shorter as we approach our day and age.

All the pictures are intended to represent at least one of the original authors of the song WHEN it became a hit

Not always will the recording used match the described year (for obvious technological and quality reasons)

Why the U.S.A. alone? Information about its pop history is more easily available and dates further back, as well as the availability of some of the original songs’ files.

Accuracy? I cann’t guarantee 100% authenticity from the period between 1890 to 1949, but I can guarantee the authencity from that period onwards. My main source was the website musicoutfitters.

I hope you enjoy the video!

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  1. whats the song of 1897? i like it since it was on the fallout 3 enclave radio and the fallout 4 settlement recruitment beacon


  3. Im glad he put The End (of music) in the end. I know it was because this video was post on 2010 but is litteraly the end of the good music ;( Curse you, Maluma!!

  4. 1950’s and no jerry lee Luis or Johnny cash and 1970,s no jimmy Hendricks or sweet home Alabama and no Michel Jackson in the 80’s and early 90’s

  5. Thank you for recogzing Dominico Modugno in 1958 he really popularized Italian popular music in the U.S. with all of those other artists like him in Italy like Renato Carasone, Nicola Arigliano, Johnny Dorelli, and others

  6. Pink Floyd’s The Wall was the best selling album of 1980, The Dark Side of the Moon was top 10 when it came out, Led Zeppelin’s Led Zeppelin I was at least top 5 at dayview in 1969, Led Zeppelin IV (1973) was a record breaking album and Hotel California is to date in the top 10 best selling singles EVER since 1977! Why is your 70’s list almost fully dominated by pop music?

  7. This is not an accurate evolution of pop music since it mixes too many genres. Sousa was band music, Tchaikovsky was concert music, Joplin was ragtime (though that’s closer to the subject than the first 2 examples).

  8. Micheal Jackson should’ve been somewhere in the 90s. And near the end of the 2010s our music is: *Friday Friday gotta get some more will.iam,gonna listen to some wrecking balls. The rest is mumble rap here you go. Also despacito

  9. What about rock like ac dc Guns N’ Roses queen
    I mean there were the Beatles Elvis Presley and The Rolling Stones but seriously

  10. I remember this video. I watched it when I was seven or eight. Now I am 11. I was rlly interested with music and studying music from along time ago. I am studying 1970’s rock now, for example Queen and Kiss. I am also studying 80’s rap, for example Skee- lo.

  11. It would have been nice if you had continued to alternate musical genres. Once Rock ‘n Roll showed up, no country, no blues, no instrumentals…

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