The best ways to turn your Columbus office into a paper-reduced and an eco-friendly office


The reasons are endless why a Columbus office should reduce the amount of paper that they use, firstly there is money to be saved, then there are obvious eco-benefits and also because low-tech paper is not the safest way to keep confidential information protected.So if you are about to move your company to an office in Columbus then here are some top tips to make it a modern and paperless office, created in collaboration with staff.1) Firstly, determine where in Columbus is your closest recycling facility or service. You need to know exactly where the recycling plant is and how long it will take to get there. You should also arrange a collection service, as depending on your location in Columbus it may be quite far to the recycling facility.2) Next, try and use emails rather than snail mail. Perhaps the best way to reduce the amount of paper your office uses is to use emails and instead messaging instead of fax machines, memos and sending letters. By using this technique you will be able to reduce the money spend in the office and make workers more productive as they won’t be wandering around the office passing on a letter but instead they will be able to click the button to send that email.3) Marketing materials, journals and even the daily papers can all be received electronically, so there is no need to have paper copies. In fact, using paper for these particular purposes is just a blatant waste of paper that is completely damaging out environment and costing your company thousands. This is the case as the majority of the time magazines or papers will just end up in the trash, so if that is the case then it is just a giant waste of paper. Also if you subscribe to a magazine online you can then make use of any article more easily than if you had a hard copy of them.4) Eliminate the need for post-its with an office white board. Your staff will need somewhere to make notes and usually this is on a yellow post-it note but in a low paper office you could buy a whiteboard and use that instead. This is the case as it is reusable and is really good way to make handy notes or jot down business ideas or reminders. Therefore if you invest in a whiteboard you will be able to save a lot of money on the wasteful usage of office paper. So if you have just moved into a Columbus commercial office, then you should go to the nearest shop and buy a whiteboard.5) Also remember that reducing paper usage doesn’t just mean stop using A4 paper. It also means using hand-dryers in the bathroom rather than paper towels and by using reusable mugs rather than throw away paper cups. There are dozens of simple things you can do to cut back on the amount of paper you use, it might even be something as easy as putting up posters give your staff advice on how to save paper.Just a few months ago one of the companies I work with relocated to a Columbus office and they used the office relocation as a way to implement new recycling and paper usage guidelines. When everyone settled into the new procedures the managers found that they were making a substantial saving and also minimising their effect on the environment.
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