Same Melody in 26 Different Genres

Same Melody in 26 Different Genres

Andrew Huang and Dave from Boyinaband already did a few videos like this one, and I wanted to challenge myself by making one as well, but I wanted to go at it in a sort of a different way.

Instead of doing something alphabetically, I decided to just take one melodic motif (or motive) and see how easily it could fit into all these different genres of music. Now, these genres are very broad. We could talk subgenres and styles until the end of time, so I had to keep them fairly obvious. Nothing too niche.

Because of the nature of this video, I’ll be delving into “how to” develop the ability to orchestrate your music into a specific genre with several other videos. Hopefully those can be useful to those of you who follow me for tutorial videos.

I also kinda wanted a new demo reel for composition with better production quality and a bit of humor to keep it from being super dry.

Point is: if you’d like to hire me for composition work, I’m ready to go! Especially for anything with a very specific mood or atmosphere.

Here are the genres:

“Epic” Trailer Music
Renaissance Lute
Delta Blues
1920’s Cartoon Jazz (a variety of old jazz that makes me laugh)
1950’s Bubblegum Pop Ballad
1960’s Motown
Psychedelic Rock
20th Century Concert Music (much like Ligeti, whom I love)
Classic Rock (kinda like Boston)
Italo Disco (my guiltiest pleasure)
80’s Horror (much like John Carpenter movies or even Stranger Things)
New Jack Swing
16-Bit Video Game (influenced heavily by my constant playing of my Sega Genesis, Megadrive in the rest of the world)
New Age (my wife used to listen to a lot of Enya)
Eurodance (another guilty pleasure)
2000’s Rap (blatant Dre 2001 era beat)
Metal (with all the sub genres, what even is metal anymore?)
Ambient Horror (I love Akira Yamaoka’s soundtracks)
Dubstep (of the American brostep variety)
Soft Beach Music (the Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz stuff that’s still really popular around the Pacific Ocean here)



  1. Wow, this was freaking awesome. Super cool video. Dude, you have a fantastic musical mind to pallet swap this into so many genres AND do it so well.

  2. Love it very much, I tried to do the same thing back when I went to music-school. And this reminds me of how fun it was! ✌️

  3. YOU ARE SO INCREDIBLY TALENTED IT’S INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVED THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!!

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