Reality TV Shows That Ruined People’s Lives

Reality TV Shows That Ruined People’s Lives

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There are many perks to being on reality TV, but all too often, the stress and drama of having your life chronicled for an audience supersedes the benefits. Who needs cash and fame when your life is falling apart for someone’s entertainment? Here are a few reality TV shows that ruined people’s lives…

Keeping up with the Kardashians | 0:16
Jersey Shore | 1:03
Newlyweds | 2:02
The Hills | 2:54
Bachelor Pad | 3:31
Dance Moms | 4:13
Here Comes Honey Boo Boo | 4:52

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  1. Scott Disick has gotten better, he has a girlfriend who loves him and his kids.. So he is not on skid row no more.. Good Deal!! Scott is more of a man now and so is his ex-wife.. Mamma June is an embarrassment to mothers all around, thinkg all of only about herself and not her kids.. Selfish and Selfcentered she has aloy to approve..

  2. British television has for years with out consent used a schizophrenia weapon on man and planned psychological assault.It even involves his family employer,police and NHS.Planned psychological harassment to steal to ruin a human life.A planned human rights crime for years and still on going.A television parasite who has plotted dirty tricks against the man even House burglary thinking his or her television company have immunity from the courts.

  3. Gotta hand it to Speidi: I thought they’d last and they’ve surpassed probably 90% of celebrity relationships so kudos to them!

  4. Hahahaha! I hate reality TV.
    No talent wannabes who get lorded around like they are something to be worshipped.
    Fuck em.

  5. Can’t get to mad at people aying taxes when the government does really tell you how they use and abuse your money.

  6. That Jaz show is stupid as hell. Like ok she’s a type of roll model for Trans kids but she is still stupid as fuck! And I can excuse it if it was scripted, but in that case she’s a phony.

  7. That last clip.we can’t yndwrstand June. Bad acoustics. Some big hollow room.maybe if i put it on Caption Google can understand her but I doubt it.

  8. Mike Sorrento has changed tremendously. I hated his guts before but now he seems to have really changed for the better..good for u Mike 😉

  9. I find reality shows really boring and they tend to make a series of other reality shows all of the same genre which is really boring and unreal. Hard Core Pawn, Pawnstars and then these stupid Garage sales the only time money is made is when they are paid by the film company then the British version, all these stupid cooking programes dull dull dull

  10. Oh yeah I forgot, television shows Force stars to make horrible life decisions. Individual responsibility? What’s that

  11. Mama June is a horrible mom ans pire white trash. Also, there is no excuse for her not having her double chin fixed when she got all the other surgeries.

  12. Jersey Shore kids were from Staten Island not Jersey. I have lived my entire life in Jersey and don’t know anyone like them.

  13. muma june let a convicted pedointo her befd with her daughter also in the bed after he got out of prison for raping her other daughter…. this is why it was cancelled so why arent her kids on this list

  14. Its really cringey that she is blaming "men" for her greed and desire to screw others over so she can be rich. She is just a bad person and I hope that being away from the camera will allow her to realize that money isn’t everything.

  15. I don’t doubt that TV executives treated Abby like shit, but Abby herself wasn’t an angel. She was known for creating drama with those girls for the sake of ratings.

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