Reality TV Shows EXPOSED as Fake

Reality TV Shows EXPOSED as Fake

Reality TV shows can be really addictive. But some of them have been outright exposed as fake over time. Let’s find out how fake some of them are!
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  1. The truth is life is actually pretty boring. Even cops will tell you that 90% of their job is paperwork, and 9% is doing "stuff." The other 1% is the cool stuff that can make TV.

  2. My friend almost went on the voice. He sent in a video of him singing. And he has an amazing voice. He was turned down.

  3. The simple fact that people even believe these "reality" programs is an indication of how stupid we have become as a society in general.
    The stupidity of humanity , in general, is proven by the popularity of these obviously faked programs.

    That is what happens when t.v. becomes our educators and babysitters.

    The general public deserves it’s up and coming societal fall.

  4. #1: Gordon Ramsay’s situation, one case was thrown out of court. The other case was won by Ramsay. So technically you don’t have any solid evidence on his shows. Yet you put that at #1? The show that LEAST look to be fake is #1. Nice job. Smh

  5. The #1 example of fake reality shows is Ramsey? He was sued twice and won and also won the libel case against the paper. The show is fake in regards to the customers being extras and the usual out of sequence stuff but this is more fake than the Hills? Come on

  6. Some folks love fiction, some love semi-fiction (i.e., at least some reality TV) and others enjoy the reality of all the remaining reality TV shows – which are likely more real than staged.

    Each to his/her own, but it doesn’t necessarily make any preference more stupid than any other.

    It’s all just a matter of taste, and how you like being entertained at TEOTD. Enjoy 😉

  7. I remember the crushing disappointment i felt when i learned that dragon tales was not real. i remember it like it was yesterday. probably because it was yesterday when i found out. happy new years amirite?

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  9. Keeping Up with the Kardashians, only idiots watch that show, people are morons
    as of today jan 05 2019 there was 1.5 k down thumbs on this video
    I guess all the morons that thought all this shit was real are crying…. lol, down thumbing the video lol poor idiots… lol

  10. If you have ever watched more than 30 seconds of ANY of these SHIT SHOWS… then YOU are a FUCKING RETARD! I couldn’t even watch this video!

  11. One thing that springs to mind is the sheer number of applicants to all of those talent shows. Watching the shows implies that everyone gets a shot at being seen by "the judges". If you do the maths it simply cannot be true as auditions would take months even years. Roughly 4 minutes per audition, means 15 an hour for let’s be very generous 12 hours, so realistically 180 auditions a day. Let’s be ultra generous and say 1200 per week, if 5,000 people show up, that’s best part of a month. If 40,000 people audition, that’s over 33 weeks, nearly 8 months.
    Now this in itself is not fakery as there could be a tiered audition process, but the fact that a good few "no hopers" are seen by judges seems to prove that they are selected for their entertainment value rather than talent – that clearly is not a tiered audition that is staged as in, uses stages, but more staged in the theatrical sense.
    It’s the fact that the want to insult our intelligence by even implying that it is anything other than what it is.

  12. Number one… of course that owners and managers say that their restaurants weren’t that bad… but if he was 2 lawsuit, it must be a proper reality show

  13. Reality is boring. Obviously there are many ways to fix so-called "reality shows", some sublte, others involving heavy scripting. But it doesn’t matter. Those who know that it is faked, won’t probably watch it. And those who don’t care, will watch it as easy entertainment. I don’t think there really is a middle ground.

  14. It is all staged …i mean  not only the shows, the movies , the news ….but the world’s a stage and all the people are merely players …somebody said this befor….

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