1. So do you have to pay a fee of a $200 to get on a casting call for MTV can you please answer that question because I applied online for MTV to get on any TV show and they’re asking me to pay $200 I want to know if it’s that’s the way piz I am so conflicted

  2. God called for interview Skype or in person depend what they pic for the real world. I’m
    Nervous because I want it so bad and I finally got a call. When threw phone interview sent pic and they called me for interview so what other advice u can give me and congrats to u

  3. My question is do you have to be comfortable being around camera because u guys are so good at acting like there’s no camera in your face, do u guys do a little practicing before or u get used to it or you need experience being around a camera to be on the show.

  4. Since there is drinking on the show do you think they typically lean towards people in their 20s? I’m 18 and I’m nervous to sign up because of that reason.

  5. Did you pay a fee of 2.95$???? My cousin was told to pay please lmk I don’t wanna them to get there hopes up and be scammed

  6. Omgggg just watched the last show, So sad bc it’s all over 😭. But you were amazing, Just read some of your blogs and I really love it. Your such a cool person ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. You are so beautiful and it sucks that you have to be 21-27 and I’m 15 and I really want to go on!! P.s. I love you your my fave on the show

  8. I wish I would have known about not changing your appearance ahead of time. I sent a tv show in pictures of me but my hair was different styles and different colors and I just got my hair burgundy. But I have two hair styles I sent in with my hair pulled back in a bun and one I had a wig on, I still wear my hair in buns and I keep my makeup the same, so I hope it’s not an issue or anything when I go to my interview

  9. Do you know if it’s possible to be a cast member on Are You The One? if you’re from Canada? I’m guessing no but I thought I’d ask anyways (: Thank you!

  10. Does the photo you send with the application have to be headshots or just regular everyday pics? Love you on the show btw!

  11. My favourite cast mate from AYTO! Thanks for the helpful tips, I want to reapply for The Real World, last time I only got up to the long application form. Hopefully I actually get it this time!

  12. you are strong example of a strong woman and i love that cause im the same way… you did your thing on the show, by showing everyone how to resolve a situation with class… love yah girl keep being strong and beautiful!! I love your vibe and ora lol

  13. Hi Kaylen! I’m from Brazil, I’ve been watching the program and yesterday was the episode 4. I’m so sad for the way Giovanni has treated you… Hope you be happy and find someone that really cares for you, because you are precious. I’m here in Brazil supporting for you!

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