New to Netflix January 2019 | Best Movies on Netflix Right Now | Flick Connection

New to Netflix January 2019 | Best Movies on Netflix Right Now | Flick Connection


Jan 1
Black Mirror: Bandersnatch
The Dark Knight
Black Hawk Down
Pulp Fiction
The Departed
Hell or High Water
Entire Indiana Jones Series
Pans Labyrinth

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Jan 4
Solo: A Star Wars Story

Jan 24
Hotel Transylvania 3

Jan 29
Ant-Man and the Wasp

Jan 30
The Incredibles 2

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Looking for good movies to watch on Netflix this Month? These are the best movies on Netflix right now, that Netflix just added as of January 1st, plus the best movies coming to Netflix later in January 2019. For Netflix January 2019 is one of their biggest months with some of the best new movies on Netflix in a long time so be sure to catch them before their gone.


  1. I know they are releasing the Irishman but DeNiro as an Irish guy was pretty lame in goodfellas the first time. Good actor but Irish come on. It’s like Conan O’Brien playing The Godfather. De Niro plays the same guy in every movie lol.

  2. Quentin Tarrantino is the best director who worked in a video store instead of going to film School, which makes him
    Crap. Pulp fiction was awful.

    So was The Departed. Scorcese’s worst except for Shutter Island.

    I almost couldn’t disagree with your taste in movies any more than I do, so at least I know what NOT to watch.

  3. I enter Netflix like right now and I such the incredibles 2 and is not there and today is Jan 30 and it’s not there

  4. Netflix is such a joke nothing but old movies that they call new and 80% of the movies aren’t even in english I’m cancelling my account Netflix is nothing but political agenda bullshit I’m over it

  5. Bandersnach was the worst movie ever. And was far from interactive. Maybe the simple minded people think it’s interactive

  6. Totally agree about Watchmen. Love the movie, Its visually amazing and i like all the characters but it did get kinda confusing and all over the place. It had a lot more potential.

  7. Just tell me what’s coming….I don’t really need your opinion. Only wastes my time….plus its not very good….lol

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