Introduction to Genre Movies – Film Genres and Hollywood

Introduction to Genre Movies – Film Genres and Hollywood

Learn about some of Hollywood’s most influential genres with Ministry of Cinema’s web series Film Genres and Hollywood!

In this episode, we introduce the concept of genre, as well as outline the individual genres we will discuss further in the series.

Do you like comedies for the laughs? Or are you more drawn to the allure of space and travel in science fiction? Perhaps you appreciate gangster films or gritty war pictures? If so, this series is for you. Film Genres and Hollywood is a seven part web series exploring some of the film industry’s most exciting genres.

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Films Referenced:
The Searchers:
The Godfather:
Dr. Strangelove:
2001: A Space Odyssey:
The Hobbit:
Annie Hall:
High Plains Drifter:
Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid:
The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology:
Flags of Our Fathers:

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  1. Wow… Only 1 minute in and I already have massive issues with this video.

    1. Westerns, Crime/Gangster, and War Films are all just subgenres of Action… which is a bit of a shame really. It’s a very clear bias in the creation here as there’s no purely dramatic sub-genres like Romance or Mystery, no mention of Fantasy or Adventure films, and no mention of Horror or it’s subgenres (ie. Slasher, Supernatural etc). It shows a far too grounded focus and an accepted Hollywood mainstream bias.

    2. Comedy isn’t a genre. It’s a tone. It’s a common mistake made by most people so not one I hold against people all that much but the very essence of all drama is the combination of comedy and tragedy. All films be them Blockbuster Action, Period Romance, or anything in between all have elements of comedy and elements of tragedy (or high/serious drama, which is the meaning behind the word in this context). Effectively all "Comedy" films are just Drama with a leaning towards the comedic rather than the tragic; where as most serious Biopic lean more of the tragic than the comedic. More recently action films have used a lot more comedy in their films to give a more shifting tone, particularly comic book films which have a really strong mix of science fiction and fantasy elements mixed with high end action and a dose of melodrama to create their own sub-genre; but almost all of them are a mix of comedy and tragedy. There’s the threat of characters losing their lives, the trauma of Iron Man realising his weapons sales make him responsible for many deaths, at the same time there’s the comedic elements from the likes of the Guardians Of The Galaxy. Characters like The Hulk have both very funny moments, and very tragic moments. So yeah, I don’t believe comedy is a genre in it’s own right, but a tone that all genres can employ. You can have an action-comedy, a romantic-comedy, a sci-fi/comedy, and so much more… so I don’t think this counts.

    3. Science Fiction is a great subject, but giving all of Sci-Fi only one mention when individual subgenres of Action are getting their own episode is a massive misstep. Admittedly not as much as completely ignoring the more dramatic, fantastical, or horror driven genres; but still bad. Are you going to conflate Classical Sci-Fi with Space Operas, Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi Horror, etc. Will you include Disaster Films like Independence Day or Godzilla in the Sci-Fi category when they’re really a sub-genre of Action with a vague Sci-Fi veneer over the top? Will you compare Science Fantasy like Star Wars with Classical Sci-Fi like The Time Machine or Terminator; which are as tonally different as Westerns and Gangster films are.

    It’s an interesting concept for a web series, but it seems poorly thought out if the intention is to cover film genres as a whole. Would be interested to hear your response.

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