Integrating Your 4 Freedoms (Part 4 of 9) – Ultimate Reality: Consciousness

Ultimate Reality: Consciousness

If the difference
between particles and waves is so slippery, and if time and space are
so easily transcended, what is the fundamental nature of reality? What
is real? One answer is consciousness. Consciousness is original and
fundamental, everything considered to be “reality” comes out of that
consciousness. In his book The Self-Aware Universe,i Dr. Goswami
presents a philosophical argument known as monistic idealism to explain
his theory that both matter and mind have their origin in
consciousness. He draws on the ancient Indian philosophy of Advaita
Vedanta as his authority for using the term consciousness, as The
Ground of All Being.

Consciousness is fundamental.

the forgoing examples illustrate, Western science is moving closer to
Eastern perceptions of reality, wherein all is one. Body, mind, and
spirit are not separate entities. Not only mystics but also an
increasing number of scientists, philosophers, and medical doctors are
talking openly about subtle energy, consciousness, and God. Candace
Pert refers to subtle energy as “a still mysterious fifth force beyond
the four conventional forces of physics…to scientifically explain
anomalies such as the power of love.” And according to Robert
Gottesman, M.D.:

If information exists outside of the
confines of time and space, matter and energy, then it must belong to a
very different realm from the concrete, tangible realm we think of as
‘reality’. And since information in the form of biochemicals of emotion
is running every system of the body, then our emotions must also come
from some realm beyond the physical. Information theory seems to be
converging with Eastern philosophy to suggest that the mind, the
consciousness, consisting of information, exists first, prior to the
physical realm, which is secondary, merely an out-picturing of
consciousness….Consider that the body itself may be a metaphor, just a
way of referring to an experience we all have in common. Maybe it’s
that we don’t have consciousness, but consciousness has us.

In Eastern science, philosophy, medicine, and mysticism, body, mind,
heart, and soul are treated as inseparable and indivisible (non-dual).
In the West, physicists, psychologists, and neurologists now largely
agree that mind and body operate as a single system. From this
perspective, the brain is just another organ, albeit more intricate
than the rest of the body. Thoughts and emotions that subjectively
bestow meaning on our reality are the result of complex electrochemical
and biochemical interactions within and between cells throughout our
body as well as in our brain. What happens in the body affects our mind
and our hearts, and what takes place in the mind affects the body and
the emotions in an endless series of feedback loops.

science has come to see that we are not isolated elements but
essentially one though inexplicable whole, isn’t that inspiration for
us to apply this same approach to ourselves and our lives? If
everything is ultimately a unique vibration of one fundamental string,
isn’t it time for you to treat body, mind, heart, and soul as one
undivided system?

Excerpted from our new book Sensual Love Secrets for Couples: The Four Freedoms of Body, Mind, Heart and Soul, by Al Link and Pala Copeland, LlewellynHealth Fitness Articles, 2007.

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