How to look for that bollywood song that makes you go nostalgic?


Most of us who have grown up listening to bollywood movie songs as a part of our childhood have always a tune close to the heart. And quite often, this tune or the lyrics or the song itself eludes us until it comes back to our minds at a later stage in life!Whether it is a melancholy note reminding you of a long lost love or a cheerful tune that affirms your faith in life, it is all there in the huge repertoire of bollywood films. Are you looking for one particular song sung by a yesteryear playback singer that you haven’t been able to find anywhere else? Or are you trying to get the lyrics of the song that sent your heart aflutter when you saw that special person when you were in high school or college? Bollywood movie songs have always given us the words, the expressions and of course, an easy way to convey our feelings just when we thought it would be difficult to say in words what we had in mind.The simplest way to search for nostalgic bollywood movie songs would be to search online these days. With a plethora of websites that cater to old bollywood films as well as the latest bollywood movies, you are sure to find everything that you need with regard to a film, a song, a music composition or even the latest glamour news about the latest bollywood movies.When you search for bollywood films or songs or about movie stars, it should be enough even if you know just the name of the movie or maybe a couple of words that are in the title of the song. Most bollywood websites have a very good database of the bollywood films, from those belonging to the black and white era to the latest hits.So, the next time you want to hum your favorite tune and can’t seem to remember the words, just search for the song or the movie online and you are sure to find what you were looking for in addition to a lot of trivia about the song as well.Source: Free Articles from

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