Gossip Girl Season 4 episode 22 Finale Blairs Decision Vamps Return and Cecilys Cameo Mark


While many may yearn to be a part of the affluent class, smitten with
the thought that high social stature and material comforts make life a
joyful ride; this show breaks all such myths. The
spotlight of this show has been on the youngsters, living in the Upper
East Side, Manhattan; and their maze of relationships. A lot can be
attributed to their propensity to take life with a pinch of salt that
has several ramifications.It’s going to be the season finale as curtains are set to come down on the fourth season of the show. Watch Gossip Girl season 4 episode 22
and catch up with some really significant happenings at the Constance
Alumni event. The upcoming batch would mark the return of certain
characters, with a vamp-like touch to their persona. This
segment would make for an interesting watch as it shall be bringing
forth some cliffhangers that’ll form the connecting link to the next
season. Gossip Girl, in its yet-to-be aired season 4 episode 22 would
showcase Georgina, Katie and Isobel making a foray. Only time will tell
what’s playing in their minds! Blair would be fraught with the
dilemma of choosing from amongst the suitors that await her decision.
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Well, she can’t really be called a flirt, but had been indulged in what
may be called as ‘flings’ with several men, something that has now
become quintessential to her character. Gossip Girl has often
shown Blair going overboard in quest of finding true love. The
forthcoming season 4 episode 22 would have the spotlights on her, as
she has to decide who it would be from amongst the likes of Prince
Louis, Dan or long-lost love, Chuck. The situation demands an instant
decision from her as she confronts Russell who called her up on the
roof with some fiendish motives in mind, in the last segment. One won’t
be able to resist the download of this part as it will unravel Blair’s
decision! Gossip Girl S04E22 would also feature Cecily
von Ziegesar, doing a cameo act in the upcoming installment. She’s the
author of the book on which the show is based. Perhaps, she would be
giving an insight into what all the viewers can expect in the next
season and where would the characters be headed as they take on life in
their own ways.

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