FAKEST Reality Stars Who Got EXPOSED!

FAKEST Reality Stars Who Got EXPOSED!

Famous People Who Are Different From Their TV Personal

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The term “reality TV” is really ironic, considering that we’ve long learned that the genre is far from being real. Instead of being called, “reality TV”, it should really be called “scripted reality” since a lot of the fights, confrontations, and the most dramatic moments on screen are planned out. Think about it, you going through your average day isn’t always exciting and wouldn’t bring in the ratings. In order for a reality show to survive, there has to be a storyline with plot points and drama. If those elements don’t come together, then the show won’t come through. Sometimes, these shows’ biggest stars will be the ones to expose themselves through various mistakes. Of course, it turns into a public relations nightmare for the networks as they try to do damage control and try to maintain the illusion of reality. But once we know the truth about a show, there’s no turning back!

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  1. Actauly It should be sayed be at grills on does what you accuse on a small number of occasions. At least research your ‘facts’ christ

  2. Gordon’s Kitchen Nightmares is really real….why despite having no content on it…the initial starting of the video has it.

  3. Fu*k you pussies for putting Bear Grylls in this video. Dumbassee can’t do anything on their own and always put others weaknesses in videos.

  4. Yeah, but im pretty sure those piss he drank, maggots, decomposing animal flesh, and camel shit that Bear Grylls ate were real as fuck.

  5. To be fair bear demonstrates how to survive. Idk if the show flexed that it was real and he was limited to what nature offered but the show did what it set out to teach anyways

  6. This lady lost her mind totally. Just for rating and get more views she is using Bear’s name .Even on display it’s showing Bear’s pic . He never claim that he is alone. He always mention that he has crew with him . And some of his shows he even told us that they created some situations to show us how to get rid of those situations. Kindly shut up .

  7. Get your facts right I know for a fact that reality shows are in fact scripted but as far as it goes for bear in Man vs. Wild they even showed the whole crew in few of the episodes so yeah… He was never alone everybody knows that I mean watch the behind the scenes of that tv series you’ll get to know but yeah who’d bother right.. just make video without getting your facts right and fail for the only purpose you’re uploading for…

  8. Bear Grylls is just showing you how to survive in the wild , he never claimed that he is alone and I think you are just trying to destroy him !!!

  9. Man Vs Wild was never meant to be about Bear Grylls making it out on his own. It was meant to show you how to survive if you get stuck in a place and need to survive. It even says it in the intro.

  10. To people complaining about Bear Grylls… His series is there to show people how to survive in dangerous natural situations. Of course he is going to have some luxury in between. The point of the show is not to watch him enduring the wilderness 24/7, its to teach you how to do it yourself. Which it does.

  11. Man vs wild is still very real. Just use ur common sense how the show was produce.. Ofcourse the assistant is there, but.. He is doin it real

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