Evolution of Latin Dance

Evolution of Latin Dance

From Rumba to Salsa to Dembow, how well do you know Latin dance history? We couldn’t fit all of Latin dance history in one video, so here is the evolution of Latin dance part 1!




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  1. Great demo! However quite a few places the audio is not in sync with the video – what looks like as result is that they are not dancing on time. Whoever did the post production probably doesn’t dance??

  2. Todos los tipos de cumbia , argentina , mexicana , peruana etc etc vienen de la cumbia Colombiana pero en cada pais se ha modificado y le han creado un ritmo espec铆fico.

  3. Her legs are awesome…. But I am not ready to put so much work in my body so I am just gonna stay fat 馃槀馃槀

  4. I’m Latino and the guy really doesn’t have spice in his steps. He’s so stiff. And sometimes he’s a half step behind her, not keeping up with the fast beats. The woman deserves a way better dance partner. He needs some sazon!

  5. Okay what about jive and samba?
    Although video was great 鈾ワ笍
    In WDSF there are soooooo many dances that they definitely didn鈥檛 include

  6. i dunno if id call it evolution of latin dance as many of these dances originated from different parts of Carib the Central, South America. some have heavy European influence, some have mix Afro and Euro and some have heavy Afro influence.

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