Casting Supplies Information and what Casting Supplies will you Need

Some of the casting supplies are described below.


Cast cutters and
There are two varieties of cast cutter blade for plaster casts
– 2 inches and 2.5 inches. This comprises of one blade and in most of the
cutters, stainless steel blades fit in. This has a maintenance free operation
and is comfortable to use. There is a high torque motor and an ON / OFF switch.
The Cast cutter blade for synthetic casts is also available in two sizes – 2
inches and 2.5 inches. This has the same features as mentioned above. The
Hercules Plaster Shears 7.5 inches is a Hercules heavy duty bandage and plaster
shears 7.5 inches (19.1 cm) and has a serrated blade. The Cast cutter heavy
duty with metal housing consists of one 2 inches fiberglass blade. In most of
the cutters, a stainless steel blade can be fitted. The length is 12.5 inches
and weight is 3 lbs 13 oz. This is specially lubricated for greater service and
more comfort. The heavy duty can be used in both clinical use and fabrication


Cast padding: The
specialist casting padding 3 inches X 4 yards is made up of micro pleated
cotton fabric that stretches more than 50 percent. There is no need to tear and
tuck for a smooth and comfortable fit. This is also available in sizes of 4
inches X 4 yards as well as 2 inches X 4 yards. The Sof Rol padding 3 inches X
4 yards is made of 100 percent surgical grade rayon. This is also available in
sizes of 2 inches and 4 inches X 4 yards.


Cast splinting
The orthoplast II splint material plain is available in size
of 18 inches X 24 inches X 1/8 inch. The setting time is 3 to 4 minutes. The
finished splints can be butt bonded, hinged, bonded, strapped and riveted.
There is a wax coated surface. This is self adhering when heated. This is
majorly designed for upper extremities. It is perfect for hand splints. It
moulds as per the contours of the body without any wrinkling. The orthoplast
splinting material plain is available in sizes of 18 inches X 24 inches X 1/8
inch. This is made of a low heat thermo plastic material and is highly
comfortable. After this material is heated, it can be molded or cut to any
shape and adheres to itself. This material can be butt bonded, hinged, bonded,
strapped and riveted. This can also be used in cylindrical casting procedures.


Heat gun: This
is of two types – heat gun and master heat gun 220 volt.


Splinting pans:
The forma splint 14 inches X 10 inches is an extremely compact and
lightweight design. SoComputer Technology Articles, it is perfect for small splinting needs or for varying
spots. This has a stainless steel working tank of dimensions 13 inches X 9.5
inches X 1.25 inches. This has a lexan cover. Water is maintained at controlled
temperatures by a variable temperature thermostat between 150 degrees
Fahrenheit and 190 degrees Fahrenheit. There is a high heat safety switch and
grounded hospital grade plug. The empty weight of this device is 5.5 lbs. It
heats to the required temperature in only 15 minutes.

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