Can Someone Make Real Money From World of Warcraft Gold?


Massively multiplayer online role playing games(or MMORPG), add a bigger hop in the money problem , because many of them also require a subscription fee. Now most gamers, including myself, believe that the monthly fee is worth it, because the game is constantly changing and evolving almost as much as your character is. The only problem is now your shelling out even more dough for world of warcraft. Yes WoW, world of warcraft or WOW, is the “drug” of choice for many video gamers everywhere and I mean everywhere. Having up to 10 million subscribers this game is huge. Now, how does one who obliviously through no fault of their own gotten hooked to WoW deal with the two big problems? Well, I believe to every evil there is a good, or to every negative there is a positive, and that positive it forms of money and play time are just that money and play time. Making money from the gold you earn in the game. How do you get money from World of warcraft gold? All you have to do is play and earn gold once you have a good amount of it, you announce that you will be selling it for real cash. What gold is used for in WOW is everything, or nearly everything. You use gold to buy mounts to ride weapons to fight with or even powers to use. You could walk around fighting if you wanted but you better not get hit because fixing your armor cost too. You go around asking people to pvp with you, which is player vs. player, but with no powers you’d most likely get ripped to shreds. Gold in the game is very important so important the game has professions for your character, which is a job for you character in the game you are playing in order to earn even more money.To my knowledge there is no law that will punish or protect you from making money from handing over fictional money from one person to another, so if you are a world of warcraft citizen, and you’re getting started for cash, who knows maybe you, can get paid for doing what you really love, playing a video game. Keep in mind questing with out a good World of Warcraft quest guide can be difficult and really slow.If the player spends the time playing the game thus creating the character and acquiring all the materials such as gold, platinum or whatever the currency may be for the time they should be entitled to the right to pass along their earnings to another player. Even if the player was not be able to physically own what they earned, they have at least earned the right to sell their services such as farming gold, power leveling and perhaps even questing.Source: Free Articles from

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