Bigg Boss 4 Finds Special Mention In The Bollywood Celebrity Tweets


Even the Twitter world is not spared! Hundreds of Bigg Boss 4 related tweets can be seen hovering over the Twitter sky! Searching for #bigg boss on Twitter will show you its supporters sharing links to the Bigg Boss related Youtube videos or some latest news from the news sites; or you’ll get to see the tweets with vitriolic comments on the show by its ardent opponents.Interestingly, the show has made its place in the Bollywood celebrity tweets also. Numerous celebrities are busy tweeting about the show. Recent opposition from the Indian Broadcast Ministry gave a chance to the Bollywood stars to portray themselves as the critics of the show. Though the show’s time has not yet been changed as was intended by the Ministry, but it did help the Bollywood celebrities to come up with tweet-journalism for sometimes! (Well, tweet-journalism is a word I prefer for the tweets sent to spread the news and opinion, you may create your own term!)  Last week, Mandira Bedi was really in a very bad mood, I guess the revolutionist inside her had got the chance to come out and thus she started her crusade against un-censored programs with lots of offensive stuffs to serve, namely Bigg Boss and Rakhi ka Insaaf. But her crusade was mostly confined to her tweets.One of her tweets says, “… Shows that certain kinds of people who r foul mouthed, controversial & supposedly TRP-friendly do NOT make for good wholesome fmly viewing…” the other tweet goes like this, “… Is programming which is violent in language or deed, any value add? Being vouyeristic is one thing, but this takes television to a new low.” In still another tweet she says, “They are to air with a band running at the bottom of the screen saying this content is not suitable for children..” Pamela Anderson, the former Baywatch star’s coming into the Bigg Boss 4 house again created a lot of turbulence in the Twitter weather!! Indeed her stay with the Bigg Boss 4 housemates brought about a sudden storm on the sky of the colours channel too, as it is said that her coming suddenly increased the TRP of the show! But even then some Bollywood bigwigs didn’t really like her presence on the reality show’s sets.Pritish Nandy didn’t really find anything great about her and even after the much hype created about her presence at the sets of the reality show, he remained a thorough supporter of desi house mate namely Veena Malik. One of his tweets read as, “Well, I still think Veena Malik is the hottest inmate of Bigg Boss’s house. Too much tamasha over a jaded, boring, over-the-hill Pamela.” Even, Salman Khan, the host of the show couldn’t stop mentioning the show in his tweet. He was recently spotted out tweeting, “Kabhi tweet kiya hai maine ki dkd dekho ya big boss dekho? Toh?”Source: Free Articles from

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