A Music Genre for Each Country of the World

A Music Genre for Each Country of the World

This video shows the different genres of music in the world. I tried to put the most famous songs of each country to demonstrate the name of each style, playing a song for each region of the world from A to Z .
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  1. I absolutely loved it but i wanted literally every country but its kinda impossible so props to you i really loved this!👍

  2. Think he included only popular countries, its unlikely he would include all Africa countries, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan , or something else) but, to my mind, one song can unite several countries ☺️💕 for example Poland , Russia, Croatia and all Slavic people 🤪 China with Korea and Japan (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿) Brazilia Peru Bolivia and Columbia ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Norway with Denmark Finland and Sweden 🌃😉

  3. You’re this one nigga that keeps making my days with your awesome talent!!! How much did you use to practise a day to reach such a level? I play an hour every day but it doesn’t seem to come easily to me.

  4. Where is Turkey? "Turkey has to be, because you battle with the world. Turkey is not more difficult, because you fight with the Turks." —-_ —-_ — _-_-_-_-_- _- —Türk olmak zordur, çünkü dünya ile savaşırsın. Türk olmamak daha zordur, çünkü Türk ile savaşırsın."


    -_-, ;*-#!"(₺

  5. I’m from Ireland, but why did I like this video?

    Answer: N/A

    Well, I guess there’s no answer, but thanks for playing Ireland.

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