1. oh my god thank you for this video! emma never answered me when i asked so i’m super grateful for this video!!

  2. I am so happy i found this video and subscribed. YOU WERE MY FAV CAST MEMBER OUT OF ALL SEASONS! im so happy I ca still learn from you.

  3. A lot of girls from Bad Girls Club that jumped girls have a very hard time finding real life jobs,Because their boss are like,"I don’t want this girl as my employee" and so I agree with you 100% …And I love you ❤️💯

  4. Girl, you were raised right!!’ Honestly!!! You seem to “get it”. Like you know how many people aren’t self aware? So I respect how people I watch on TV can really grow and reflect on themselves and the journey they took.

  5. Ethical considerations…wow what a concept! Reality right up in here for folks who might be considering a career move. like so-called "Reality TV"! Important heads up! Thanks for the care shown toward your community.

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