5 Styles of Latin Music You Need to Know – Joanna Rants

5 Styles of Latin Music You Need to Know – Joanna Rants

Salsa? Merengue? Joropo? After Kris says that “all Latino music sounds the same”….Joanna is out to prove him wrong.

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  1. Music from L.A. except Uruguay and Argentina are very similar. Brazil is the strange guy who was invited for the party but doesn’t know anyone. The music is different, the rhythm is different.

  2. Now i dont care how old mariachi is compared to the new shit now, but if your from el campo best believe your granddaddy and grand-mama was into it. And i dont care about salsa either I still prefer my corridos, narco-corridos, norteños, and mariachis. We also got some of the best spanish rock bands of latin america, as well as cumbias, and spanish pop. So yea mexico we got so many genres regeatton would be the last thing i hear.

  3. Paraguay has some awesome music, la polca paraguaya… <3333 there’s chamamé in Argentina! both beautiful! oh! and polca uses the harp heheheh

  4. I am from Brazil and latin american music genres make my head spin. There are so many. I dont even know all of Brazil’s genre. The country is huge. I cant tell the difference between salsa and merengue and fir a while I couldnt tell the difference between salsa and cumbia. People from other countries cant tell the difference between samba and pagode either. But it’s so clear to us.

  5. Hi Joanna! My favourite genre is Tejano and I really love listening to Selena Quintanilla-Perez. She is my favourite. Such a tragedy that she was murdered.

  6. I am from Sevilla. Your husband is de Cádiz?!?!?!? You need to do a video about Flamenco and Camarón de la Isla. Please. Much better than Salsa!!!!!!!

  7. Sorry, pero la arepa no es venezolana. Y Simón Bolívar, llegó a odiar a Caracas por su pensamiento realista.

  8. In case you needed it 6:40 stars the Joropo in English 😂 / En caso de que lo necesiten en el minuto 6:40 empieza el joropo 😂

  9. Lol had fun watching this I been trying to explain this to all our friends.

    Nos divertimos viendo Este video siempre tratamos explicar estas cosas a nuestros amigos

  10. De Puerto Rico está la trova, la nova trova (pero ya nadie canta eso), música jibara (y todas sus variaciones: seis fajardeño, seis chorreao, aguinaldo), la bomba (y todas sus variaciones: leró, sicá, güembe,etc.) plena, danza. Pero esto es música tradicional.

  11. The instrument that makes that noisy sound in Bachata is actually a GUITAR 😂😂😂 without the GUITAR THERE’S NO BACHATA 😂😂😂

  12. Colombians say that arepas, joropo, and other stuff is yours, but when it comes to maduro being colombian they backout. he comes with the package

  13. Para todos los súper cultos! La arepa no es ni venezolana, ni colombiana. Es un plato de origen indígena en un periodo pre colonial donde les valía mierda como se llamara el país!

  14. Llanera sounds awesome, tbh. Now I wanna listen more about it. I’m Puerto Rican and for a long time I despised reggaetón with every atom of my body. But like you said it’s so fucking catchy no matter how dirty, sexist and misogynist its lyrics are. So now everytime a reaggaetón song comes out on the radio I just get into the perreo instead of changing the station. Btw, I laughed so hard with the way you described it. Awesome video as always.

  15. How could she not mention Juan Luis Guerra as the epitome of bachata and merengue? And yes… Merengue is Dominican, NOT Venezuelan.

  16. Btw, I find it funny when you said that Argentinians can’t dance. There’s always the stereotype that white people can’t dance and "coincidentally" Argentina and Uruguay are the "whitest" and more Europeanized countries of Latin America lol

  17. JAJAJAJAAJAJAJAJAJAJA estallé con ‘los argentinos no saben bailar’. tal cual. Bien ahí reconociendo el buen rock argentino!

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