2000s: ‘Apprentice’ Helps Donald Trump Finally Launch A White House Bid | NBC News

2000s: ‘Apprentice’ Helps Donald Trump Finally Launch A White House Bid | NBC News

After a comeback decade, Trump rode the success of his hit show all the way to campaign trail.
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2000s: ‘Apprentice’ Helps Donald Trump Finally Launch A White House Bid | NBC News


  1. Panel Of Legal Experts Say Mueller Has Already Obtained A Sealed Indictment Against Trump https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jp-hXZVyi6s I pray this is true. The fabricated estates of myself as deceased circa December 99 by my own attorney S Alan Cook in cahoots with spouse R who is in joint venture with DJTrump a fact. Honey Siegal http://search.sunbiz.org/Inquiry/CorporationSearch/ConvertTiffToPDF?storagePath=COR%5C0408%5C0530%5CCH000599.tif&documentNumber=F95000002302 Trump Mar-a-lago http://search.sunbiz.org/Inquiry/CorporationSearch/ConvertTiffToPDF?storagePath=COR%5C0408%5C0530%5CCH000525.tif&documentNumber=F95000002228 same CSC acct no

  2. So he had to go to 3 polling places to vote and still says that 3 million illegal immigrants voted for Hillary? So either he’s a lying racist or he’s just a racist moron. Oh yeah… it’s both

  3. Even Lewis “Scooter” Libby (The Apprentice, 1996), long before he himself would be pardoned for perjury and obstruction of justice by the very President he described in his mysterious (and execrably-written) 1996 novel as a “half-Russian” dwarf, installed to entertain the crowds from inside the cage that he rattled, from which he roared, had confidence in Trump to take the country’s mantle, and by so doing take his own fall in the stead of others…

    …but the book must be read CAREFULLY as the roman-à-clef prophecy it is, describing a bonfire to come, generously offering advice to those on team Cheney et al. Interesting, I think, that Trump was so forgiving of one who thought so little of him….

  4. 5:52 was the best bit. No Mr Trump, the world never laughed at the US until you took charge. Now the world cannot stop laughing.

  5. Yup…Mark Burnett. The man who brought us the 2 worst things in a hundred years…reality TV and President Trump. He may have well invented CFC’s and asbestos.

  6. 6:25 if Obama was the white would it be a racist to ask about his birth certificate? You guys are idiots there’s nothing racist about it at all. I personally have not met anyone at his high school that remembers him

  7. "They won’t be laughing, if I am a president"
    He he he he 😂😂

    Dude…they do… and they won’t stop… as long as you stay president 😂😂

  8. it’s true that obama faked his birth certificate, but the reason for that is cos he’s a child of an adultery, and his real father is frank marshall davis. back then rather than going through a whole lot of paperwork people in such cases usually just got a fake birth certificate to point that the father was the one the mother was married. that’s the story i heard, or something along those lines.

  9. And NOW, he’s under investigation as a Russian cohort, Putin’s puppet, treasonous & treacherous BOZO. #life.Goals !! 😁


  11. It was Oprah’s idea for him to run, even if her sorry self is now worshipping her lord and savior Obama the job killer. Everyone at NBC has showed themselves to be twofaced, especially Katie Couric.
    Bill Clinton could not even keep the lie straight on where Commie Obama was born He stated the Pholipinenes. HIS WIFE sololy started the whole birther movement in the 2008 primaries, "I cant believe I’m losing to this guy. He wasnt even born here." But I digress. We shall ignore what was said and just blame Donnie, because it is easier for stupid people.

  12. The media used to love him (they even created him) but then he run against the Left media that controlls hollywood.. such a brave man

  13. Unlike other billionaires like selfish Mark Cuban, Trump is a quite smart businessman who really cares about our country and people. After 72 years of his life seeing our country going through different stages of development, Trump is trying his best to make our country great again. We love our President Trump.

  14. Americans are SUCKERS FOOLISH can’t smell "A-CON JOB" 
    TRUMP has this history of LIES. CON and false charity accounts that DEEPLY support HIMSELF & FAMILY
    SOMEHOW this CON became President.

    Now he wants "THE PEOPLE" (NOT MEXICO) to pay for THE WALL plus THE US DEBT any NEW DEBT. "THE SUCKERS"
    TRUMP wants.. $5.Billion for "A-WALL"  (ALL OF IT!! .not some or little.) WAIT-FOR-IT!!! (think hard)
    $1-2.Billion go’s to that NEW contractor (Trump Contractor) for services or completed services. 
    $3.Billion go’s MISSING (Trump Houdini knows) 

    TRUMP’S been stealing from OTHERS his whole-manlife. (False charity accounts. Trump University Etc..) 
    using YOUR CASH & LIES to REMAIN rich. Dictator’s love "THE-POWER" you the people give without YOU their DIE reason for placing FEAR INTO YOU. Dictator’s Loves no-one but "THEMSELVES"

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