20 Best Movies on Netflix Right Now | Flick Connection

20 Best Movies on Netflix Right Now | Flick Connection

— TOP 20 Best Movies on Netflix December 2018 —
The Raid: Redemption (+ The Night Comes for Us)
Outlaw King
Green Room (+ Hold the Dark)
No Country for Old Men (+ The Ballad of Buster Scruggs)
L.A. Confidential
The Godfather Part 1&2
Once Upon a Time in America
We Own the Night
The Aviator (+ “The Irishman” not yet released)
United 93
The Gift (+ “Boy Erased” in Theaters now)
Cold in July
Wind River
The Invitation (+ “Destroyer” in Theaters soon)
Train to Busan
Close Encounters of the Third Kind

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— The Ballad of Buster Scruggs Review: https://youtu.be/zlrnrgqFNEY

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  1. I would never defend what Kevin Spacey has done in his personal life. It was despicable, and he has to live with himself and his ugly choices. That being said, he appears in several movies on this list because he has had a prolific, decades long acting career. The man is a brilliant actor, and if one is willing to separate the man’s art from his controversy, I believe anyone would agree.

  2. Ok, so… Lol, i love this chnl and the movies you recommend… But I’m almost all the way thru The Gift. It’s pretty twisty and unexpected… But when the plot is revealed, lol, can I just say… I never realllyyy believed Netflix was the left leaning platform I’ve heard for years it is… Until this point…. Yikes… I usually watch docs, and series, and only seen a tiny tiny hint of it… Until this movie. I’m not saying I believe it’s alllll leftist propaganda, but I am def saying my eyes are open and im keeping one on Netflix, lol! Totally skeptical now. Lol! I just wish it had a different story line, bc it seems kinda eh now.

  3. seeing you is very distracting from the content of this video it’s not that you are bad looking nor good but just kinda just put the dame list i’m not here to see you

  4. Go watch hold the dark then go back and like this comment if you liked it. It has a really great and interesting story line. It’s really different and it shows tits so if you like that go watch it for that.

  5. Damn, I have honest-to-god already seen every movie on this list. Some more than once, and others a great many times, like The Godfather and Heat. Can confirm, these are all great choices! Also, I think "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs" is a tremendous movie. Worth your time, my friends.
    Edit: If you’re in the mood for a sweet-ass anime, NF just added "Baki". It’s a NF original and it’s pretty damn good. Violent as you like and a cool style to it.

  6. When u said that beiond skyline is good movie i have to unsubscribe so fast that it hurts.what a fuck man good movie what is wrong with brain

  7. Only the Buster Scrugs part of that flick was any good. If the whole movie was bustr scruggs it would have been great but all the rest was boring and a waste of time. Great begining but over all. Boooooo

  8. Well first movie not in my country ….. fking hell Edit: half of the movies here not in my country Edit:edit: Only 2 movies in my country…..

  9. this is so not necessary to look at the guy all the time literally could’ve just shown the trailers and put sound over so distracting and not possible to watch for me at least

  10. You, sir, owe me 3 hours and 41 minutes of my life back…. once upon a time in america was one of the worst movies ever… and I saw most of avatar the last airbender!!! Everyone except de niro put on a piss poor show with their acting!!! And the "music" was some of the worst…. reminded me of the super sappy parts of karate kid!!! And none of the story interested me at all… nothing got wrapped up or made sense in the end… just one of the worst I’ve seen in a hot minute… but oh well, to each their own I guess…

  11. Its so funny you said Moon…I was going to watch it, but wasn’t sure and didn’t want to waste my time, lol! So, I came here to see if you had uploaded recently (apparently, yt has shut my notifications off for this chnl like they have for ANY chnl I watch a lot of!) I just finished watching God Knows Where I Am…what a great, but sad, doc. I’m off all next week, so I was hoping there was a few I haven’t seen and there def is! Thanks!

  12. How about doing Netflix Best of the Best Original Movies not ones that have been on basic cable for 10 plus years and just landed on Netflix

  13. Godfather III is not nearly bad as you are saying if you can appreciate that it effectively completes the bildungsroman of Al pacinos character. Not worth skipping: even if it is inferior to the first two films, it is still a good bit better than the average gangster epic.

  14. Why would you keep a spoiler in this video and not cut it out? People like me come to YouTube to find movies to watch on netflix that we haven’t seen and you literally tell us a spoiler… nice job. How long have you been doing this?

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